Benefits of CBD Tea and CBG Tea

Why CBD & CBG Tea Is a Healthy and Soothing Beverage Choice

By now many people have discovered the benefits of using CBD. Most opt for a tincture, a gummy, or a topical. We highly recommend consuming it in the form of a healthy hot beverage. It is perhaps one of the most enjoyable ways to receive your daily dose of CBD. Why not skip your morning coffee and consume this healthy beneficial drink whilst still receiving your daily dose of caffeine?

We set out to create a wonderful soothing range of teas that are organically sourced from all over the world. We are continually adding new flavors to our range. Our tea comes already pre-packed into teabags and it is precisely measured out to give you 50mg of CBD per serving.

Instead of just adding isolate to the tea (as most other companies do!) we decided to use fresh organically grown CBD and CBG flower. First, we de-carb the flower at a low heat to ensure that all the cannabinoids are readily available for you to enjoy. We then measure precisely 50mg of the flower and we add it to our organic tea ready for consumption. We suggest re-using each teabag 2-3 times. Our lab-tested flower COA’s available to ensure the highest-quality product and experience.


So why consume CBD in this way?

Tea has therapeutic and medicinal benefits that can help keep you healthy. In fact, studies have linked tea to a lower risk of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Infusing your tea with CBD has many additional advantages that may help to alleviate:

  • Headaches and migraines
  • Anxiety and stress
  • Sleep issues
  • Pain and inflammation
  • Nausea and digestive issues

There is a lot of debate over the bioavailability of CBD and which is the best way to consume it. Bioavailability refers to the amount of the compound that enters the bloodstream. Oral consumption is typically at around 5-20%. Oral consumption would include gummies, tinctures, lozenges and beverages.

Vaping, smoking and inhaling can be upwards of 45% but many people shy away from this method as it is not considered to be a healthy option.

We formulated our tea at quite a high dosage (50mg) as we anticipate only around 5-10mg being absorbed into the body. We find from our research that a dosage of this amount is the optimal dosage to receive all of the benefits of the CBD without feeling too relaxed.

The Benefits of CBD and CBG Tea

There is little documentation though, on the advantage of consuming CBD as a complete plant food. If you are accustomed to taking a tincture or an edible, the CBD you are taking has been refined and processed often using chemicals. Many of the beneficial medicinal components of the complete plant medicine can be harmed or completely lost during the refining process.

Consuming a complete plant matter is akin to eating whole grains versus refined white bread. One is definitely better than the other. And its not to say that you should avoid products made using isolate and distillate. These can still be beneficial for you.

We just decided to create a unique range of tea blends using the complete plant matter so that it is more readily absorbed by the body. There is also a distinct advantage to consuming full spectrum CBD (as in hemp flower) as opposed to Isolate. This is where the entourage effect comes in.

Powerful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits with hemp

Simply put, it is the beneficial effect of all of the compounds working together as opposed to just one or two of these compounds working in isolation. This is why Isolate is called Isolate. It is comprised of only one cannabinoid – CBD.

The Hemp plant is really quite amazing. It is comprised of over 100 phytocannabinoids. Other significant compounds found in hemp plants are terpenoids, flavonoids, and fatty acids. Commonly known flavonoids include catechins, which are found in green tea and quercetin which is found in cannabis, fruits, and vegetables. Flavonoids are known to have antiviral, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory effects, especially the ones found in cannabis and hemp.

When you ingest CBD tea you are not only receiving the anti-oxidant properties of the tea but you are also enjoying all of the amazing plant benefits from the complete hemp flower. Talk about an entourage effect!

Our variety of CBD and CBG rich tea blends

We have blended CBD & CBG together in our unique Golden Turmeric Chai, Moroccan Mint, and Rose Petal Black Tea to create a unique and uplifting experience. This tea is designed to be consumed during the day. CBG is an uplifting and energizing compound that is typically found in lower percentages in CBD flower. It has been researched for its effectiveness in reducing swelling, tumors, and healing the body. Our unique CBG flower is just over 20% total CBG. It’s a very unique cannabinoid that stimulates the body’s healing response.

Moroccan Mint CBD Teabags
Moroccan Mint CBD & CBG Tea

Our Moroccan Mint tea which contains both CBD and CBG is designed to be consumed after meals to allow the metabolism to speed up and to efficiently digest food. It is made from 100% organic green tea leaves and organic mint leaves. Green tea is a much-revered tea for its medicinal properties. It has been known to cleanse the bloodstream of impurities and to rid the body of fat after eating a large meal.

Chamomile & Lavender CBD Teabags
Chamomile & Lavender CBD Tea

We created an evening Chamomile Lavender Tea made using only CBD flower, Organic Egyptian Chamomile, and Organic Lavender to induce a pleasant relaxing feeling and to ensure a great night’s sleep. In fact, we had one client who often had nightmares and she noted that after drinking our tea before bed the bad dreams completely went away.

Rose Petal Black Teabags with CBD
Rose Petal Black CBD Tea

Our Rose Petal Black Tea combines rich Keemun tea and red rose petals. Keemun is a small leaf tea from the Qimen county of Anhui province, best known as the main ingredient for English Breakfast blends. We found that when we combined this unique organic tea with CBD & CBG flower it was the perfect uplifting and energizing tea to start the day with.


Golden Tumeric Chai CBD teabags
Golden Tumeric Chai CBD Tea

Our Golden Turmeric Chai Golden Turmeric Chai combines black tea, ginger, cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, and premium grade Indonesian Turmeric. The addition of this rich spice blend creates a warming sensation throughout the body.

Turmeric (Curcuma longa) is a flowering plant of the ginger family and native to India and Southeast Asia. The roots are harvested and boiled, dried, and then ground down. Turmeric has grown in its culinary usage over the years, appearing in many sweet and savory dishes. It is desired for its potential health benefits and appealing bright gold color.

Pear & Ginger CBD Teabags
Pear & Ginger CBG Teabags

Lastly, our Pear and Ginger CBD & CBG Blend tea is a deliciously fragrant blend that can be enjoyed anytime. Pear Ginger tea is a unique combination of smooth black tea with sweet pear, spicy ginger, and refreshing calendula flower petals. The black tea is made via orthodox manufacture, wherein the leaves are hand-plucked and maintain a more unbroken appearance. Pear Ginger is craft blended in small batches. This blend also tastes great as an iced tea.


There’s no doubting how refreshing and fulfilling a good cup of tea can be for the mind and body. Please enjoy our range of Hempstrax teas. They are handcrafted in small batches to ensure the highest quality and more readily available spectrum of cannabinoids. We at OC Wellness Solutions hope you enjoy and we always welcome your feedback and suggestions for additional flavors and varieties.