CBD distillate

What is CBD Distillate?

Health and wellness is an important and popular topic that is often brought up in the modern world. Health trends come and go, but every now and then, a compound such as cannabidiol (CBD) is discovered. CBD is often found in the form of CBD distillate. It is one of the purest forms, but what is CBD distillate? We will learn what CBD distillate is, and how to use CBD distillate.

CBD is derived from the cannabis sativa plant. The Cannabis plant can be divided into two main varieties. These two varieties are known as hemp and marijuana. Many people recognize the iconic cannabis leaf and associate it with marijuana. Marijuana is what people smoke in order to get “high”. This variety of cannabis is high in THC. The hemp variety of cannabis has many uses, most notably the production of large amounts of CBD. If you were wondering where does CBD distillate come from, the answer is hemp. CBD is extracted from the hemp plant, typically by using a solvent such as ethanol or CO2. Cannabidiol is soluble in certain substances, and this extract is often known as CBD crude oil. Refining this crude oil further helps make a more pure product, and makes it have a much better taste as well. In order to make CBD distillate, a rotary evaporator is typically used. Heat is applied and a vacuum is created in order to isolate the CBD. Once this substance has been distilled, there are many uses of CBD distillate.

Hemp for CBD distillate

How to Use CBD Distillate

Once CBD has been distilled, there are many ways to use CBD distillate. This substance is extremely versatile, making it a popular option for manufacturers of CBD products. Some of the most common examples of uses of distillate is in tinctures, salves, and vape cartridges. Tinctures are one of the most common ways that CBD is consumed. A tincture is a mix of CBD concentrate of choice, and a carrier oil. This concoction is effective, and easy to take the recommended dosage. Many companies use crude oil, which leaves the tincture tasting very strong and with a thick consistency. OC Wellness Solutions provides accurate dosing by using distillate to make tinctures. This leaves a pleasant taste, and is more bioavailable.

Vaporizing is a popular consumption method

Vaporizing CBD has become a popular way to dose. Vaping is popular because of the rapid onset and high bioavailability that is offered. In order for vape cartridges to be pure and safe, only two ingredients are needed. Cannabidiol distillate and terpenes are mixed together in the proper ratios and inserted into the empty cartridge. Often the mixture is 90-95% distillate, with the remaining amount being terpenes. The terpenes are compounds that the cannabis plant produces.

All plants produce terpenes, and they are responsible for the taste and smell of different plants. Individually these terpenes have health benefits on their own. When mixed with CBD, the benefits can be received from both compounds. Vaping CBD distillate is a quick, safe, and discrete way to take CBD. Other than vape carts, other concentrates can be created with distillate. These examples include shatter, crumble, and just straight distillate. Terpenes are often added, but are not always used. These concentrates can be vaped in a similar manner to a cartridge, and they can be dabbed or put on top of CBD flower. Many products can be infused with distillate, and often is the raw ingredient of choice.

Another use for CBD distillate is using it as a base for topicals. The topical application of CBD has become increasingly popular in recent years. Localized pain relief is the most common reason for using CBD topicals. Great success has been demonstrated particularly for arthritis. It allows inflammation to be reduced, and more mobility is often seen in those using topicals such as salves.

Even more uses for CBD Distillate

Distillate has even more uses than previously mentioned. It is an extremely potent and versatile substance. The availability of this CBD concentrate has benefited the health of countless people. Quality of CBD distillate is crucial to getting the best results. When health is concerned, there is never any room for shortcuts or sub par product. OC Wellness Solutions uses pure CBD distillate that is derived from the highest quality of hemp flowers. The hemp flower used to make our distillate is grown 100% organic on farms in Oregon. It is handpicked at a precise time in the growth cycle, where it is transferred to a state of the art extraction facility.

CBD Distillate Process

How CBD Distillate is made

This facility uses supercritical CO2 in a process that leaves the purest, cleanest oil. Supercritical CO2 is kept at far below 0 degree temperatures, and is the preferred method in making clean oil. After the crude oil is extracted from the hemp flower, the refining process continues. The crude oil is put into a vacuum chamber. The vacuum and particular pressure allows a lower temperature to distill the CBD from the crude oil. The lower temperature preserves the value compounds and terpenes contained within the oil. A rotary vaporizer is used to distill CBD from the crude oil. CO2 is a safe solvent, making this process much easier. This also means the end product is more pure. After the CBD is distilled, it is collected and stored.

Prior to storage, a process known as winterizing is conducted. This further refines the distillate by separating the fats and plant waxes contained in the oil. It is performed by putting it at a very low temperature, and the fats and waxes will separate much like soup will in a fridge. Often this distillate is even further refined into CBD isolate, however distillate is much more popular and thought by many to be more beneficial. Once the distillate is stored and ready for use, it is then put into a variety of products or used on its own. OC Wellness Solutions sources the finest raw ingredients in order to provide the best product and experience for the health of everyone who takes them. Whether you vape, eat, apply topically, or any other method of consuming CBD, always make sure the oil you are taking is clean and pure.