Types of High CBG Hemp Flower

Types of Hemp Flower

Cannabidiol (CBD) is often consumed by smoking types of hemp flower.  Flower is the female buds of the cannabis sativa plant. Cannabis sativa, also known as hemp comes in many different forms.  Recently, the two main groups have been called marijuana and hemp.

When people referred to marijuana they were typically referring to the strains of cannabis that recreational and many medical patients use.  These strains were very high in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Many people smoking these strains were looking for the “high” that is often associated with it.

When people refer to hemp, it refers to cannabis plants that contain less than .3% THC.  Many hemp strains are very high in other cannabinoids. The most popular cannabinoid that is contained in the hemp plant is CBD.  Recently, farmers have also been growing a new strain that is high in a cannabinoid known as cannabigerol (CBG).  The hemp plant is often smoked, and comes in many different strains.

Types of Hemp Flower with High Levels of CBD

Many different types of hemp flower are available. OC Wellness Solutions carries several types of hemp flower, and has a strain for everyone.

Sour Space Candy

Sour Space Candy contains a unique terpene profile that is the favorite of many.  It was bred in Oregon by crossing Sour Tsunami with Early Resin Berry. With 14.6% CBD, Sour Space Candy is both strong and delicious.  This strain truly lives up to its name, with a fruity taste and smell coupled with a nice earthy, diesel type of smell. The dense nugs also have earthy notes to it, and are a great way to unwind after a long day.

With hand trimmed and selected flowers that are often purple and extremely frosty, everyone is in for an out of this world treat.  With a fruity sort of smell to it, many users report it being very useful for relaxation and tension reduction. This high CBD strain has been reported to be a favorite of many.  It is great for in the evening and is a delicious way to end off the day. With relaxation and a gentle mental uplift being the most notable effects, pain may also be reduced with Sour Space Candy.  

Special Sauce

Hempstrax Special Sauce can’t be kept secret.  This strain of high CBD hemp flower has 17.3 % CBD, making it one of the strongest CBD flower varieties available.  It is one of the most popular, and is often a strain that people will try first. Special sauce is extremely sticky with resin, and is often used to make CBD oil.  

Special Sauce has been said to make the body feel calm, and put the mind at ease.  It is a great strain to use in social settings, and is a great conversation starter.  Spark it up at a party, or before a nice walk in nature to enhance the experience. Special Sauce also helps with pain, anxiety, and can ease pain from arthritis.  The aroma of this CBD flower is said to be hoppy, earthy, and fruity. With notes of citrus, Special Sauce is a joy to consume. Make sure to grab your own Special Sauce and include it in your wellness routine.


Lifter is a newer addition to our high CBD hemp strains.  It boasts a whopping 21.1 % CBD, making it the strongest types of hemp flower available.  It was bred in Oregon by crossing Suver Haze and Early Resin Bud. Combined, these two strains created Lifter, our strongest CBD flower on the market.

Lifter has that name for a reason.  It lifts the mood and gives a great flow of energy.  Lifter is a strain that is great for inspiring creativity.  The smell has been described as very earthy with a hint of fuel and pine.  This unique terpene profile causes it to be the uplifting, invigorating strain that it is.  The dense buds are covered in red hair, and please all of the senses. The high CBD content makes it a great strain for those looking for relief of all types.

Suver Haze

Classic and effective, Suver Haze is one of the original high CBD hemp flowers that Hempstrax has to offer.  With 14% CBD, Suver Haze will always pack a punch. With peppery notes with a hint of fruit, this strain is very pleasing to the senses.  Suver Haze is a favorite for many hemp farmers, and even more popular among consumers.

The effects of Suver Haze have been described as calming, but not to an extent that it is sedating.  Users can enjoy a clear head along with the calming effects that they are looking for. That results in a strain that is easy to function on, and improves the quality of life for the consumer.  It is great to enjoy before bed or before a good meal.

CBG Flower

As mentioned in the beginning, most hemp strains are high in the cannabinoid CBD.  This strain is unique in the fact that it is high in CBG. CBG is slightly different, and more can be read about the compound itself here.  CBG flower is a very smooth smoke, and the light green nugs are covered in crystals.  The aroma of the flower is pine like in nature, with a slight hint of diesel.  

This strain took a while for farmers to get right, and it was finally released earlier in 2019.  Many people are using CBG flower to relieve anxiety. The idea behind this is that CBG helps increase GABA in the brain, therefore calming the mind.  Many people think that CBG will soon surpass CBD when it comes to popularity. Both compounds have their purpose, and are likely to both stick around

Choose What Type Of Hemp CBG Flower is Right For You

Ultimately, everyone who smokes hemp flower has a reason for doing so.  Depending on if you are looking for relief from pain, anxiety, or you want better sleep, a strain of hemp flower is available.  Some of them have great taste and aroma. These aromas are a crucial component of the efficacy. 

Try what works for you, and play around with it.  With the various types of hemp flower available you’ll surely find one that fits your tastes and needs. The good thing about hemp flower is that consuming it is very enjoyable.  Find what works, and stay with it. Try each type by smoking a pre-roll. Enjoy your hemp flower, and always make sure you are getting it from a reliable source. There is a lot of different types of hemp flower, and each have unique benefits.

Jason Jones - Contributor

Jason Jones - Contributor

Jason Jones has worked in the cannabis and CBD space for 20+ years. He has an in depth knowledge of growing, manufacturing and production.

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