Cup of coffee on table with cannabis leaf and CBD added to coffee for relaxation and energy

Try CBD Coffee for an energizing start to your day.

Americans love their coffee and with around 200 million cups consumed each day, the necessity for coffee only increases. A new trend is adding CBD oil to a cup of coffee. This can be easily achieved by adding an unflavored CBD tincture directly into coffee

CBD tinctures are incredibly versatile. They can be taken sublingually, added to beverages, added to salad dressings toppings and foods and even used as a topical. Its little wonder tinctures have become a top selling CBD product. They are discreet and can be carried in a purse or pocket.

Why CBD in Coffee? One of the main reasons is that CBD can offset the jittery feelings that many people experience from coffee. CBD acts on the body’s Endocannabinoid System to calm the stress and anxiety response many people can feel as a result of drinking coffee.

MCT Oil has become a favorite coffee additive. MCT stands for Medium Chain Triglycerides. It can provide you with energy and it can speed up your metabolism. It is also a great creamer alternative for those watching calories. There is no doubt MCT is a super food. Many CBD tinctures on the market are made with MCT oil so it is little wonder it is becoming a coffee additive favorite. 

Which tincture for your CBD Coffee?

So which tincture to choose? Choose a company that uses organic ingredients, specifically organic MCT. Some people opt for unflavored tinctures and others like adding an orange, peppermint or cinnamon flavored tincture directly to their coffee. You may want all the benefits of a full spectrum CBD but with no THC. Choose a Broad-Spectrum tincture which has all cannabinoids and no THC.

A word of warning though, cannabinoids can be easily damaged by extreme temperatures so ensure to add them aftercooling your coffee or after adding some cold water or creamer. An ideal alternative would be to add your tincture to a cold brew coffee or an iced coffee.

CBD can also be added to iced tea or even alcoholic beverages to lessen the effects of a hangover. Many athletes are now using CBD as a workout recovery protocol. CBD has shown it is effective in calming the bodies response to injury and stress by reducing inflammation. This makes for an ideal after training routine by incorporating CBD into a smoothie or shake.

How Much CBD Should you take in your coffee? This depends on the individual. We at OC Wellness Solutions always advise starting with around 15-20mg twice a day if you are new to CBD. Many of our customers take higher dosages for extreme pain and inflammation. A dosage of 50-150mg is not uncommon when treating excessive pain.

Always start low. You can add to your dosage after the body adjusts to the CBD. We usually advise a lower dosage for 3-5 days whilst the body becomes accustomed to the CBD.

CBD tinctures are a versatile product that can be added to beverages, foods, taken sublingually or even used topically. To find out more about the dosages we’ve created an easy to use calculator and dosage information center.

Sarah Rutherford - Contributor

Sarah Rutherford - Contributor

Sarah has been interested in plant medicine for over 20 years. She draws on her experience working in the health and wellness field and applies it to the CBD industry.