Rose Petal CBD Tea

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Rose Petal CBD Tea


Our enticing Rose Petal CBD Tea is a fragrant blend of CBD Flower and Organic Black Tea flavored with rose petals. It is a wonderful pick me up. It is the perfect way to start the day or to energize your afternoons. Its delicious and fragrant and can be enjoyed hot or iced.

At OC Wellness Solutions, our hand selected Lifter Strain of CBD flower grown organically in California is restorative and relaxing and it is the perfect way to start the day. We have combined a fragrant Rose Petal Black Tea with the incredible medicinal properties of CBD & CBG Flower. Our Organic flower is de-carbed at a low temperature to make the cannabinoids readily available to the body. It is then mixed through our unique organic Rose Petal Black CBD Blend Tea.

Rose Petal CBD Tea:

This tea is blended in late summer when the roses are in full bloom and at their most fragrant. Our Rose Petal Black Tea is also also known as ‘Meigui Hong Cha’. It combines rich Keemun tea and red rose petals. Keemun is a small leaf tea from the Qimen county of Anhui province, best known for English Breakfast blends.

Although there is a whole universe of rose varieties and flavors, we believe the ideal petals for combining with Keemun come from the red roses native to Qimen county in China. They have a distinct sweet, cooling aroma that lends great balance to the blend.

Our Rose Petal Black CBD Blend Tea pairs well with rich and slightly spicy foods. It also makes a delicious iced tea. One of our favorite recipes is to prepare a sauce from Rose Petal Black and serve it over vanilla ice cream.


CBD Flower, CBG Flower, Organic Black Tea Leaves, Red Rose Petals, Natural Rose Essence.

Steep the tea bags in boiling hot water for 3-5 minutes and then re-use the teabags several times. You will love the results!


We have 3 convenient sizes to choose from 2 teabags or 5 teabags or 10 teabags. There is over 50mg of CBD & CBG per teabag so you can receive your daily dose of CBD and CBG in one enjoyable beverage. We provide the teabags already made up with 1/4 gram of flower per teabag. This tea does contain a small amount of THC and it is compliant with government regulations. Please consume responsibly and keep out of reach of children.

Hempstrax Flower: 

Organically grown and hand selected we at Hempstrax only sell top-shelf hemp flower.  Many companies carry hemp flower but what makes Hempstrax unique is the quality and wide selection of strains.  All of the flower is hand trimmed and cured to perfection and every batch is third-party tested to ensure purity and potency.  A few notable strains in their repertoire include Lifter, Special Sauce and Sour Space Candy.

Common Questions


Q How is the CBD infused into the tea?

A We add organically grown CBD & CBG flower.

Q Is the tea organic?

A Yes all of our teas are organically grown.

Q Does it contain caffeine?

A All of our teas contain caffeine with the exception of Chamomile Lavender and Hibiscus Ginger.


2 Teabags, 5 Teabags, 10 Teabags

9 reviews for Rose Petal CBD Tea

  1. Shayla

    My dad loves this tea. He has taken a break from coffee and swears by this tea.

  2. Conett

    I can’t get enough of this tea. They told me I can steep it up to 3 times! so it goes a long way if you are a big tea drinker like I am.

  3. Sylvie

    It has a great aroma and helps me relax after a long day at work. Excellent tea. Keep it up hempstrax!

  4. Judy M

    Great tea.

  5. Janna

    I love drinking this during the day

  6. Stephanie

    Did not seem that strong on the THC to me. Otherwise it was tasty

  7. Donna

    Love it

  8. Eddie

    This tea is really lovely. Mine came with 5 teabags. It is relaxing and is best taken at night

  9. Ana P

    What a wonderful aroma and taste. I will buy more.

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