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Hempstrax CBG Isolate


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CBG Isolate is the purest form CBG can be found in.  Our CBG Isolate is a creamy white, crystalline substance that is over 98% pure.  It is the main ingredient in many other CBD products and it can also be consumed directly.  Many customers add our CBG to existing products including skincare, makeup, foods and drinks.

It can also be smoked and vaped. CBG is extracted through super critical CO2 extraction, and a process further refining the oil into the crystalline substance.  Made with all natural hemp, this product is the most potent CBG available on the market.

Available in half gram, full gram, 3.5 gram, and 7 gram quantities.  Bulk and wholesale  discounts also offered, contact info@ocwellnesssolutions.com for details.  This product contains ZERO THC.

CBG is being touted as the new wonder cannabinoid. It is amazing as CBG has many medicinal properties among which is its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. Limited research has been conducted which outlines it’s potential benefits for treating cancers and tumors. It also has anti-inflammatory properties.


98%+ Pure CBG Isolate.

About CBG

Cannabigerol (CBG) is becoming increasingly popular and is advertised as a cannabinoid with great potential. While the potential of CBG is undeniable, (despite little evidence to suggest specific therapeutic value), many consumers know little about it. So, what is CBG?

The cannabis plant produces cannabinoids at the end of its growth cycle, mostly in the flowers of the plant. Specifically, cannabinoids are primarily produced in small glandular hairs on the flower known as trichomes. Cannabis first creates CBGa (the acid form of CBG) and subsequently converts CBGa to THCa and CBDa, among others. A marijuana cultivar favors high levels of THCa, an industrial hemp cultivar produces mostly CBDa. CBG-rich hemp strains don’t perform much conversion at all, resulting in high levels CBGa, and little CBDa or THCa. Because the plant uses CBGa to produce all other cannabinoids, CBG has been dubbed “the mother” of all cannabinoids. Since CBGa is the precursor to CBDa, one can imagine that the molecules are very similar, as seen below:

CBG vs CBD Molecule

While basic research on CBG is promising, there is only speculative evidence to support claims of therapeutic value. We may see CBG act in ways that suggest a role in disease states, but little work has been done looking specifically at these diseases. Our best knowledge currently comes from individual experiences. With CBG now available in large quantities, it is possible for the first time to explore these hypotheses.

In terms of physical characteristics, pure CBG Isolate is a white powder, much like CBD. It is extracted through the same methods as CBD. Extraction starts with either ethanol or CO2 extraction of CBG-rich hemp, followed by winterization, decarboxylation and distillation to provide a CBG-rich distillate. Because CBG is a solid, just like CBD, crystallization of the distillate can be performed with solvent to produce pure CBG isolate.

CBG can be used in the same way as CBD. A fat-soluble very stable white powder, CBG isolate is easy to measure and dose accurately and can be formulated into tinctures, just as readily as CBD. It is easy to bake with and can be used in the same manner as CBD for nearly any application.

Common Questions


Q How is it made?

A CBG Isolate is made by isolating only the CBG in the hemp plant and creating a pure isolated form of CBG only.

Q How do i use CBG Isolate?

A Some of our customers add it to drinks and smoothies, others make their own skincare products. I can be consumed by putting a small amount under the tongue for fast absorption. We even have a customer who sprinkles it on his eggs!



1 Gram, 3.5 Grams, 7 Grams

7 reviews for CBG Isolate – Buy One Get One FREE

  1. Fonda

    It’s really nice to mix with your THC. Best CBG Isolate i’ve experienced so far

  2. Sloane Berger

    Good stress reliever.

  3. Shelia

    My headaches are gone!

  4. Marley F.

    I’ve never heard of CBG before so I just tried it on a whim. It was better than I expected it to be. I like to make my own skin care products and since I read that CBG helps with inflammation It did exactly just that. Good stuff.

  5. Tyler

    It’s great on my dabs!

  6. Sidney B

    I sprinkle the CBG isolate on my flower and my pain goes away. Thanks for the help Hempstrax!

  7. Lee

    Very good pure product. Very good pricing too.

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