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CBG Tincture


We are  proud to offer our NEW CBG  Tincture. Many of our customers are asking us how CBG differs from CBD. We created a blog to explain the medicinal differences. Click here to read our blog.

We have also created a 1:1 Ratio CBG:CBD Tincture. Dosages are available in 500mg, 1,000mg, 5,000mg and 10,000mg. We believe in bringing you the highest quality and most health beneficial products at OC Wellness Solutions. This is what truly helps us to stand out against the competition. You always know that you are getting a quality product at an affordable price when buying our CBG Isolate Tincture.

*Please note sale items cannot be used with coupons*

We use Organic MCT oil as a carrier, our tinctures are the most rapidly absorbed and great tasting tinctures on the market.  Utilizing only organic ingredients ensures the purity and integrity of our CBG Tinctures.  We then blend our tinctures with Organic Edible Essential Oils. These CBG Isolate Tinctures contain ZERO THC, making it legal in all 50 states.


  • Fast Absorption
  • Highest Bio-availability
  • Wide Range of Dosages
  • All Organic

CBG can help with the following:

  1. Memory and learning
  2. Stress responders
  3. Immune system function (anti-inflammatory)
  4. Moods stabilizer
  5. Perception of pleasure and pain
  6. Metabolism
  7. Digestion
  8. Sleep Cycle
  9. Cardiovascular system
  10. Skin cell formation
  11. Endocrine system function
  12. Reproductive processes

Using simple, pure ingredients is imperative to the quality of any product, and our CBG tinctures surpass this expectation.  The type of CBG that you consume is important and our Isolate products do not contain THC. Dosage varies depending on several factors and we have created a customized calculator to help you determine your correct dose.  With dosage being crucial, each bottle comes with a dropper with labeled measurements.  The ability to control the exact dosage taken will allow the benefits of CBD to be most effective.

All of our tinctures are made with all natural flavors, therefore the taste is delightful and mild.  OC Wellness Solutions also offers tinctures that are 5,000mg and 10,000mg.  This high dose far surpasses anything available on the market, and the bottle will last longer.  Sublingual CBG allows for rapid absorption from the capillaries found under the tongue.  Take your desired dosage 1-3 times daily, or use as needed.


CBG Isolate, Organic MCT Oil, Organic Edible Flavoring.

Common Questions


Q Is CBG better than CBD?

A Some of the effects are very similar. The advantage of CBG is that it is a powerful antibacterial and antifungal. In clinical trials it has helping to reduce tumors.

Q Is CBG better than CBD?

A Some of the effects are very similar. The advantage of CBG is that it is a powerful antibacterial and antifungal. In clinical trials it has helping to reduce tumors.

Q Will CBG help me sleep better?

A Some of our customers report much better sleep using CBG.


Unflavored, Lemon Ginger, Wild Orange, Peppermint, Melaleuca, Cinnamon, Lavender


500mg, 1,000mg, 5,000mg, 10,000mg

7 reviews for CBG Tincture – Sale!

  1. Matthew

    The CBG is making me feel better and sleep better

  2. Kris

    After looking into CBG I was curious to try it out since it has anti-inflammatory properties. I am very impressed with the results. My rheumatoid arthritis has caused me a great amount of pain these past years. So I wanted to try an alternative and I came across hempstrax and gave it a shot. I use their CBG tincture and salve and now my morning walks aren’t so painful and my quality of sleep has gotten a lot better.

  3. Anna


  4. Mona

    I have bought the 5,000mg peppermint. It has helped relieve my migraines

  5. Arnie

    Very happy with this product

  6. Dodi

    I bought the 5,000 for my mum. It really helps with her anxiety

  7. Helen

    It is very similar to the CBD & CBG tincture. I liked it but I wish it was stronger

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