CBD Extra Strength Salve – Buy One Get One FREE

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Extra Strength CBD Salve – Buy One Get One FREE

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Hempstrax Extra Strength CBD Salve contains your choice of 5,000mg, 10,000mg or NEW 20,000mg of CBD.

This is one of the strongest CBD topicals on the market. It is available in Isolate, Broad Spectrum and Full Spectrum and it is available in a 4oz silver tin.

This Extra Strength Salve is formulated to act quickly on areas of pain and discomfort. Its unique ingredients soak in quickly and our customers report it gives upwards of 8 hours relief. Our CBD Salve is legal in all 50 states.

Extra Strength Salve works hard to alleviate your pain and inflammation by reducing the reaction within the body that causes inflammation. Inflammation is our body’s natural response to harmful cells and pathogens. It acts as a protective measure against the initial damage suffered by the immune system. Inflammation is broken down into two categories: acute and chronic. Acute inflammation results from injured tissues or bacterial pathogens and chronic inflammation. It arises via consistent acute inflammation or foreign invading agents.

Inflammation causes pain and discomfort. CBD has shown effective in numerous clinical studies to reduce inflammation and minimize pain. CBD Topicals are a fast and effective way to treat pain.

Hempstrax unique custom formulation combines CBD with organic essential oils and organic ingredients to combine together and combat pain. What sets us apart is that we manufacture all of our products using organic ingredients. We use USA organically grown CBD so that we can guarantee our customers the highest quality. This also allows us to pass the savings on to you.

Hempstrax Extra Strength Topical Salve is available in Lavender & Lemongrass formulation or Menthol. The Lavender & Lemongrass is less aromatic and has a pleasant fresh, lemon smell. The Menthol topical Salve is more pungent and provides a cool sensation as it soaks in.

Benefits of High Strength CBD Salves:

  • Eases Muscle Tension
  • Relieves Pain
  • Convenient
  • Fights Inflammation
  • All Natural
  • Fights headaches and migraines
  • Eases PMS symptoms

Hempstrax Topical CBD application is extremely beneficial for soreness and pain. All packaging contains a QR code that contains lab results for each batch.  Using only simple, organic ingredients, this salve will give you the relief you are searching for.  Hempstrax continues to set the bar for transparency and quality among CBD brands, and their salve is no exception.

When you are looking for fast relief you need look no further. Hempstrax combines the effectiveness of CBD along with the soothing feeling of Organic Essential Oils and Menthol to create relief from pain.

It also works wonders on headaches and migraines. Just apply a small amount to the temples to feel relief within minutes.

Which Salve should I choose?

Our Salves are available in Isolate, Broad Spectrum and Full Spectrum. We created this handy diagram to show the differences between all three. The Full Spectrum tends to be the most effective as it is a complete plant compound with all the cannabinoids including 0.3% THC but we also have the Isolate and the Broad Spectrum for our customers who cannot have any THC.

It really comes down to a personal choice. We love the Full Spectrum Menthol for fast relief but all of our salves help with pain relief and inflammation.

Hempstrax Differences between Full, Broad and Isolate

How does our CBD Topical Salve compare to a CBD Cream?

We formulated our CBD Topical Salve to be fast penetrating and absorbing for maximum potency. Our Salve is made with all natural, organic ingredients. The base is bees wax. Often creams will have nasty fillers with names that are hard to pronounce. Our CBD Salve contains organic essential oils, Vitamin E, Arnica and pure natural CBD Isolate or Distillate from organically grown CBD Flower.

If you prefer a cream based formula we have a Lavender Body Butter which is vegan and organic. It is ultra silky and moisturizing and it can be used all over the body as well as the face. In fact, it makes an amazing, hydrating night moisturizer.

To view our CBD Lavender Body Butter click here.

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Extra Strength CBD Salve Ingredients:

CBD Distillate (Broad or Full Spectrum) CBD Isolate (Isolate Salve) , Organic MCT Oil, Beeswax, Organic Arnica Oil, Organic Proprietary Essential Oil Blend, Vitamin E Oil.

We use all USDA certified organic essential oils in the production of our products. Organic Ingredients are very important as essential oils can contain harmful pesticides if they are not grown organically. Purchasing organic does definitely ensure that essential oils are premium grade and work more effectively.

The Isolate and Distillate (CBD) used in the production of all of our products is organically farmed and extracted using clean processing methods via closed loop CO2 extraction methods. Using the highest quality ingredients is more expensive but it does ensure a superior product.

Common Questions


Q How much of the Extra Strength Salve should I use?

You can use a smaller amount than you would using the normal strength.

Q Which works better – Menthol or Lavender/Lemongrass?

In our experience the Menthol works better as it has additional essential oils and menthol crystals.

Q Is this product organic and/or vegan?

All the ingredients are organic with the exception of the beeswax. If you are looking for Vegan we also make a vegan salve.


Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, Isolate


5000mg, 10,000mg, 20,000mg


Menthol, Lavender & Lemongrass

41 reviews for CBD Extra Strength Salve – Buy One Get One FREE

  1. Ronald

    I’ve had multiple back surgeries and not even the norcos they give me help. So I gave their products a shot and I have so much relief. I suggest their D8 tinctures too.

  2. Charlotte H.

    This salve really takes away my knee pain.

  3. John M.

    I rub the topical on my knees every night before bed and my pain disappears.

  4. Larry

    I crashed my bike a month ago and I am still feeling the pain. I prefer CBD over anything to help me out. The menthol works best for me. Great deals too. Thanks

  5. Brent

    Wow I am very pleased with everything this company makes. My shoulder pain was so bad I could barely lift my arm. After the polite staff helped me pick out the right product my pain has gone away. I put it on daily! Very genuine people work at hempstrax and they go above and beyond for their customers. I got my package super fast they even gave me samples!

  6. Danny

    I had a bunion surgery and my foot felt very sore after I got my cast off. I was even struggling with inflammation when I had to wear my boot. I just rubbed a little bit of the salve all over my foot and it felt so much better.

  7. Arthur Gens

    I have a severe ligament injury and i’ve been in pain since my accident. I use the full spectrum 10,000mg salve everyday and It makes it feel so much better.

  8. roberto

    Good product

  9. Ariana

    I use CBD for my fibromyalgia and i’m so glad I came across Hempstrax. I have chronic pain and it keeps me up at night and makes daily tasks very hard. I rub this on muscles and the pain is MUCH more manageable. I tried all 3 and I have found the Full Spectrum most helpful.

  10. Byron Persons

    If you want pain relief this is the best CBD topical I’ve come across. I have REALLY bad pain and inflammation in my back and knees I’ve tried everything from cortisone shots to pain killers and I’m tired of shots and pills. I apply the 10,000MG salve on my back and knees every day and it makes me feel so much better.

  11. JR

    I am retired and I have extreme pain from my carpal tunnel. I rub this CBD salve on my hands every night and I swear my pain is gone.

  12. Garrett

    I broke my hand and couldn’t find anything to help me manage my severe pain. This CBD salve is great to say the least. A bit pricey but It’s worth it!

  13. Caspen A.

    After using Hempstrax CBD salve, I’ve never felt better. The Broad Spectrum menthol is my favorite. Great product!

  14. James Morais

    I have lupus and the 10,000mg salve helps me manage my inflammation in my elbows and wrists.

  15. Malik Magana

    Not only does my skin feels smooth and great it takes away the pain in my ankle. I can tell it’s working the results are phenomenal.

  16. Alondra Young

    The CBD salve feels great on my knees and lower back. It’s super easy to apply and the 4oz lasts a long time.

  17. Leah Fieldman

    Best value for my money. They have some high quality products and in various sizes. I use the 10,000 mg Full Spectrum salve for my pain.

  18. Kason Walker

    I haven’t found a company I trust until I came across hempstrax a year ago. The CBD extra strength has helped my husband’s knee pain and my neck pain. The menthol is our favorite

  19. Grant S.

    The CBD salve is the best! This is my favorite product.

  20. Kira Tether

    I have arthritis in my wrists so I use the 5,000mg salve when it starts to hurt. 15min later after I apply it my pain is gone. The lavender and lemongrass has a pleasant smell.

  21. Alexis Munoz

    I’m a repeat customer for the CBD salve. It helps me with my pain and well-being. Thanks Hempstrax.

  22. Finnley

    The 10,000mg full spectrum salve is what I get my mom for her sciatic nerve pain and it has reduced her pain and inflammation significantly. She is now a fan of CBD

  23. Blake

    I use the menthol for my sore muscles and it works!

  24. Wyatt Moore

    My knees are sore from old age and I rub the 5,000mg broad spectrum salve on my knees every night before bed and it takes the pain away. The menthol is my favorite, it’s not to strong like other brands. Thanks for the help hempstrax

  25. Lydia P

    This is the strongest CBD salve I’ve found and it works!

  26. Angel

    I’m a huge fan of the lavender and lemongrass

  27. Lucas Guerrero

    I’ve been doing martial arts for years and get very sore muscles and bruises from the impact of boxing and Muay thai. I recently got an injury and the 10,000MG CBD salve has really helped my recovery.

  28. Liz F.

    After a long day my plantar fasciitis acts up and I apply the 10,000MG full spectrum CBD salve right on to my feet and feel the relief in 20 minutes. It’s been a great addition to my night time routine

  29. Callie

    I have very bad psoriasis outbreaks and the lavender lemongrass CBD salve helps with the irritation. I haven’t had much luck with organic products but this product has been extremely helpful

  30. Jim Reaves

    10,000 mg the evening I received my order on my shoulder – pain gone in 30 minutes and no pain the next morning. Used it on my lower back; worked in the yard for over 5 hours without back ache. Apply it to both spots to start my day.

  31. Bennie

    Really great product, will order again!

  32. Danielle

    Really nice balm very silky and smells really good

  33. Danny L.

    I can’t thank you enough for recommending this salve for my aching back and hip. I tried so many other products that are advertised on TV and wasted my money on them. The 10,000 mg brought me so much pain relief and I can sleep through the night again. Thank you, thank you!

  34. Hannah

    The 5,000mg is the only cbd I have bought that really works

  35. Marty

    Amazing for pain. 5 stars

  36. Megan

    Highly recommend this balm. It is wonderful for arthritis

  37. Ward

    The menthol has a pleasant aroma. A little goes a long way

  38. Lena Wright

    Amazing product. I can walk the dog without feeling pain

  39. Don S

    Very thick but soaks in quickly. It gave me 5 hours relief from my knee pain.

  40. Andy

    Fast delivery. It arrived with lots of extra samples to try. Good company.

  41. Steve D

    Great product. Works quickly. I bought the menthol and the smell is pleasant

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