Full Spectrum CBD Tincture

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Full Spectrum CBD Tincture


Hempstrax Differences between Full, Broad and Isolate

Many of our customers choose tinctures for their ease of use and high bioavailability. Tinctures are administered by putting the drops under the tongue and holding them there for a few seconds. This is an ideal method, as we have receptors located under the tongue, that directly uptake the CBD into the body.

Hempstrax Tincture oils are available in dosages from 500mg-20,000 mg, making Hempstrax stand out by offering one of the highest milligram tinctures on the market.  Full Spectrum tinctures have all of the cannabinoids including 0.3% THC. It has been researched that the CBD will work better if all of the cannabinoids are present. There is a synergistic effect when all the cannabinoids work together. This is called The Entourage Effect.

Full Spectrum tinctures are the most effective method  of consumption because placing CBD under the tongue allows for faster absorption and higher bio-availability.  Seven flavors are available, including unflavored.  Using organic MCT oil as a carrier, Full Spectrum Tinctures are rapidly absorbed and great tasting.  Utilizing only organic ingredients ensures the purity and integrity of our CBD Tinctures.  These Full Spectrum Tinctures contain 0.3% THC, making them legal in all 50 states.


  • Fast Absorption
  • Highest Bio-availability
  • Wide Range of Dosages
  • All Organic
  • Vegan
  • Entourage Effect

Using simple, pure ingredients is imperative to our ethos.  We believe in delivering a superior product at an affordable price. Whether you are looking for Full Spectrum CBD oil to achieve the entourage effect, or Broad Spectrum or Isolate to ensure Zero THC, there is a an option to fit your budget and your needs.



Hempstrax suggested CBD dosage

Dosage varies depending on several factors. We  have a handy calculator to help you to determine the best dosage.  We always advise to start with a lower dosage for the first 3-4 days and then to slowly increase the dosage from there. A good starting dosage is 30 – 50mg per day.

When treating severe pain and inflammation a dosage of 50 – 100mg will be more effective.

When treating anxiety it is advisable to choose a product with 0% THC like our Broad Spectrum tinctures or our Isolate Tinctures.

All of our tinctures are made with organic steam distilled essential oils for flavoring. OC Wellness Solutions also offers tinctures that are 10,000 mg.  This high dose far surpasses anything available on the market, and the bottle can last longer.  Our four legged friends also benefit from CBD, and tinctures for dogs are available as well.  Sublingual CBD allows for rapid absorption from the capillaries found under the tongue.  Take your desired dosage 1-3 times daily, or use as needed.

Hempstrax Extra Strength Tincture Bottle dosage chart
Hempstrax Extra Strength Tincture Bottle dosage chart

Common Questions


Q Will CBD make me feel tired or impaired?

A The Full Spectrum tincture does contain 0.3% THC. The 1,000mg should not make you feel tired or impaired if you are taking it as directed. If you are taking a higher dosage such as the 5,000mg or 10,000mg it may make you feel quite relaxed.

Q Is the Full Spectrum better than the Broad or Isolate?

A In our experience, the Full Spectrum will work better on pain and inflammation as it is a complete plant compound. The Entourage Effect refers to taking a product that is Full Spectrum. All of the cannabinoids work in conjunction with one another.

Q How do I find the correct dosage?

A We suggest starting with a dosage of 15mg – 25mg twice a day for a full 5 days before gradually increasing your dosage if needed.

Q How long do I need to take CBD for?

A Unfortunately, CBD is not a cure for many ailments. It helps to slow the body’s response that creates many issues like sleeplessness, perceived pain, and inflammation.



Full Spectrum CBD Distillate, Organic MCT Oil, Organic Flavoring.



Unflavored, Cinnamon, Lavender, Peppermint, Lemon/Ginger, Melaleuca, Wild Orange


500mg, 1,000mg, 2,000mg, 3,000mg, 5,000mg, 10,000mg, 20,000mg

24 reviews for Full Spectrum CBD Tincture

  1. Jerry

    Took a while to find my right dosage but I love their products. I highly recommend

  2. Steph

    The best CBD oil I’ve tried. I will be returning

  3. Maxwell

    I have trouble staying asleep so taking 1 mL of the 3,000 mg works for me. Love the samples thanks hempstrax.

  4. Ron

    My depression has been affecting every part of my life and I heard CBD could help manage the symptoms I’ve been experiencing. Ever since I started taking it I have seen an improvement in my mood and my quality of sleep. I would say I felt the difference past the 3 day mark.

  5. Charles

    Ever since I started taking the full spectrum I finally get a full night’s rest.

  6. Maddy O.

    I really enjoy using the full spectrum CBD, it seems to work perfectly for my pain relief.

  7. Josiah

    I enjoy the peppermint 2,000mg. I use CBD because It helps with my migraines. I’ve tried many brands but Hempstrax is something special. Their product really works and I highly recommend trying it.

  8. Hendrix

    It’s really relieving to have found a trustworthy CBD company and product. The staff at Hempstrax are just wonderful and very knowledgeable. Their CBD is organically made and it works. My pain is much more manageable after I take my CBD.

  9. Carolina Evens

    This tincture has really helped with my mood and overall balance.

  10. Steve

    I take the 2,000 mg to help with my anxiety and nausea. It works pretty well. I will be buying again.

  11. Elise

    This is the best CBD i’ve ever taken.

  12. Nigel M.

    I can’t get enough of their CBD! The tincture puts me to sleep and helps me reduce my stress. Higher the MG the more pricey it gets but hey it’s worth every penny.

  13. Hank

    I had a major surgery and I decided to give CBD a try. I called Hempstrax and they answered all my annoying questions. Not only is my pain is more manageable I’m getting the BEST sleep. Thank you to the patient and knowledgeable staff for all the help. I suggest getting the 5,000mg if you are in a lot of pain like I am.

  14. Kim Smith

    I started off at the 500mg and It really helped. I now take the 2,000mg and I found my perfect regiment. .50mL in the morning and at night seems to be perfect for me and my health.

  15. Cee Cee

    I love this product!

  16. Sophia

    The 3,000mg has helped me get a better control of my anxiety. I’ve been trying to find a good CBD tincture and had no luck until my friend recommended Hempstrax.

  17. Grayson Thompson

    I use the full spectrum CBD oil because it gives me all the relief without the high. Their full spectrum only contains a 0.3% of THC and comes in different flavors. Highly recommend

  18. Ted D

    Great site and store with the best prices and products

  19. Patricia M.

    I have been using full spectrum for a few years now to help me with the arthritis discomfort. It works well for me. I only purchase from your business. Staff is always friendly and knowledgeable. Thank you

  20. Doug

    Fabulous product.

  21. Beth radomski

    Great for my arthritis and knees. Works fast and tastes good.

  22. Tina

    Good cbd glad products. I purchase the 2,000mg Wld Orange and the bath bombs

  23. Bert

    Tastes good and works for my arthritis

  24. Bob & Maria

    This tincture is pleasantly flavored and it tasted good

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