Is hemp oil the same as CBD

Is hemp oil the same as CBD oil?

The hemp plant is debatably the most versatile and influential plant on the planet. Used for thousands of years for things like medicine, food, fiber, and many other uses, it has improved the life of humans since it was discovered. In 2018, the federal government finally lifted the ban on the cultivation of hemp. This has led to booming new industries. The biggest category of the hemp industry is currently CBD oil. CBD oil can help people suffering from a multitude of ailments, and improve the well being of those who take it. CBD oil is found in tinctures, edibles, salves, and almost anything else one could imagine. With the relatively new occurrence of this healing product, many questions are often asked by consumers. With all of the different products available, it is understandable to hear is hemp oil the same as CBD? The answer to this question depends on the intention and particular use for the product. We will clear up the topic of CBD hemp oil vs. hemp oil.

CBD hemp oil vs. hemp oil

The short answer of these two substances being the same would be no. Typically, when people have referred to hemp oil, they are referring to hemp seed oil. Hemp seed oil is indeed healthy, however it does not contain any cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are the compounds contained within the cannabis plant that have medicinal effects. The two most common cannabinoids are CBD and THC.

Hemp seed oil does not contain cannabinoids, however it does offer high nutritional value. Omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids are found in large quantities in hemp seed oil. These healthy types of fat are considered rare, therefore making hemp seed oil a valuable source. Vitamin e is also contained in hemp seed oil, making it very good for the skin.

CBD hemp oil vs hemp oil comes down to why you are taking the supplement. As the name suggests, hemp seed oil is derived from the seeds of the hemp plant. Much like other plant oils, hemp seed oil is typically cold pressed. It is cherished for its nutritional value.

Using CBD hemp oil in drink

How CBD oil differs from hemp oil

CBD oil on the other hand is valued for its medicinal value. Instead of extracting oil from the seeds, CBD oil is extracted from the flowers and leafs of the hemp plant. These parts of the plant contain the highest concentrations of cannabinoids. The predominate cannabinoid in the hemp plant is cannabidiol (CBD). CBD is known to help ease inflammation, reduce seizures, aid sleep, and help a number of other things.

Because of the different chemical composition of hemp seed oil and CBD oil are completely different, they have different effects on the body. Both substances are great for the human mind and body, but for different reasons. The confusion of CBD hemp oil vs hemp oil is often due to marketing tactics used by different brands.

The importance of properly distinguishing these two substances is crucial. Often times, people use CBD oil to treat serious ailments such as epilepsy for themselves or their pets. This can create a life or death situation in regards to taking the proper oil. Although hemp seed oil is healthy, it does not contain the cannabinoids that CBD oil contains. With the commercialization of hemp products becoming a relatively recent phenomenon, the general public is still learning.

Hemp research history and growth after prohibition

The science behind CBD is also attempting to catch up with the growing demand. Due to prohibition on the cannabis plant in the past, it was extremely difficult for scientists to conduct research on cannabis. The controlled substance act listed all cannabis plants as a schedule 1 drug. Schedule 1 drugs are said to be dangerous, but it is widely known now that this is simply not the case with cannabis. Hemp, and therefore CBD, was unfortunately included in this ban due to lack of understanding. The lack of understanding by the federal government in the past stems from the lack of research.

Although research has been difficult to conduct in the United States until recent years, that did not stop other countries from filling the need. Most notably, Dr Mechoulam from Israel conducted extensive research on cannabinoids and the different benefits and applications that they possess. With Dr Mechoulam, it is anyone’s guess where we would be today in regards to cannabis science. He was the first scientist to isolate and synthesize both THC and CBD. His research continues through international collaborations of scientists. The cannabis industry is a rapidly growing sector, and the science is beginning to catch up.

Mechoulam is now in his late 80’s, and stays very active in his personal life and in the research community as well. He is happy of the progress we have made, but still questions why it was prohibited in the first place.

Dr Mechoulam researching hemp and CBD
Dr Mechoulam decades ago conducting research on cannabinoids.

The current state of hemp and CBD research

In a recent interview, Dr Mechoulam stated “Many years ago, about 35 years ago, or even more, we did a clinical trial with cannabidiol. First, of course, we did a lot of work in mice. Then we found the compound is not toxic, that the compound that can help with epileptic attacks in mice. So we went and did a clinical trial in human patients, (adults) not children. We had 15 patients. Half of them were uncontrolled. Half of them took cannabidiol, relatively high doses. And we were amazed how good it was.” 

We found that out of the eight patients–eights patients that nothing was helping them anymore–out of these eight patients, four had no attacks while they were given cannabidiol. Three patients had much less, and only one was not affected. That was 35 years ago.”

Dr. Mechoulam

Many in the scientific community agree with Mechoulam, and for good reason. A plant was demonized due to ignorance and for selfish gain. It is incredible how far we have come, and continue to come in regards to cannabis research. This new research will spread more knowledge about hemp and its constituents. This will clear up if CBD oil and hemp oil are the same. It is great to have researchers like this, and even better to be gifted a plant with many healing properties.

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