How much cbd oil should I take

How much CBD Oil should I take?

When taking any new supplement or medication, the dosage one should take is one of the most important factors. Cannabidiol, or CBD for short, has become a popular addition to health and wellness routines around the world. With benefits such as decreased anxiety, helping with pain, and countless others, the question how much CBD oil should I take comes up quite a bit. Prior to accessing dosage and discussing how much CBD oil to take, some background information on CBD needs to be learned.

The cannabis plant has been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years. With recent developments in science and medicine, the active ingredients in this plant have been identified and studied. The cannabis plant is typically divided into two different categories. These two categories are defined as marijuana and hemp. Cannabis plants considered marijuana are defined as containing more than .3% of the cannabinoid tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is the ingredient in cannabis that people use for psychoactive effects. The second variety of cannabis is hemp. Hemp is defined as a subspecies of cannabis that contains less than .3% THC. These plants contain relatively low amounts of the psychoactive component THC, however often contain a cannabinoid that has become just as popular. The hemp plant produces a compound called cannabidiol (CBD). CBD is predominately used for its medicinal value, and is not psychoactive. It has been shown in studies to help with seizures, pain, anxiety, and a number of other ailments. At OC Wellness Solutions we have witnessed the benefits of CBD oil for many who have tried it, and could very well increase the quality of your life. Back to the question of how much CBD oil should I take?

Calculating how much cbd oil to take

How much CBD oil to take depends on several factors

After becoming curious about CBD and the benefits that it can add to your life, you will wonder how much CBD oil I should take. The answer to this question varies depending on a variety of factors. The first factor that plays into CBD dosage is what you are attempting to achieve through taking CBD. For certain applications such as to help prevent seizures or aid sleep, a larger dose should be used. It is always suggested to first try a small dose of CBD such as 10-20 mg and evaluate how it makes you feel. CBD rarely has any side effects, however it is best to try it for the first time when you do not have to drive or operate heavy machinery. Access how the smaller dose made you feel, and adjust as needed.

The fortunate thing with CBD is it is realistically impossible to overdose. As with anything, extreme excess can cause problems, but gallons of CBD oil would need to be consumed to have harm on ones health. Certain seizure disorders such as Dravet syndrome have been treated using CBD oil. Dravet syndrome is recognized by doctors as a disorder which CBD oil can treat. Those suffering from other types of seizure disorders can receive great relief using CBD oil. If you have one of these disorders, and want to know how much CBD oil should I take, a higher dose should be used. If the goal is to try and prevent seizures, a good dosage to begin with is 100 mg three times a day.

10,000 mg high dosage CBD tincture

High dosage CBD for help with seizures

During a seizure, a very high dose should be administered under the tongue or rubbed into the gum. This will cause the CBD to be absorbed rapidly into the bloodstream. A normal size tincture can be used with success, but for high dosages that need to be absorbed quickly, the best and safest bet is the 10,000 mg tincture. This tincture is by far the strongest on the market, being over 10x the strength of regular tinctures typically found on the market. This tincture boasts a whopping 336 mg of CBD for each 1 ml dropper. During a seizure, a half or full dropper can be administered and rubbed into the gum or placed under the tongue.

Several scientific studies have been conducted regarding dosage. According to Medical News Today, “Several factors may influence the dosage that people can take. Depending on the medical condition or the reason why a person is taking CBD, they will need a different dosage. Some people need high dosages to control epilepsy, whereas smaller dosages may be effective for anxiety.

Your body and lifestyle impacts the dosage needed

Another factor that people should consider before using CBD is their weight. In many clinical trials and when using Epidiolex, doctors calculate a dose per kg of body weight. People who weigh less should, therefore, take lower dosages than people who weigh more.

Alcohol and other central nervous system depressants may increase the sedation effect of CBD. People who use other medications that can cause drowsiness should avoid or lower their dosage of CBD. Before mixing alcohol and other medications with CBD, a person should ask their doctor whether it is safe.

People must also consider the dosage in each form of CBD. A capsule of CBD has a specific dosage, but the dosage of oral solutions depends on the volume. For example, a CBD solution containing 25 mg per milliliter (ml) can provide 125 mg if a person takes a full teaspoon, which equates to 5 ml.” Statements and studies such as these provide scientific backing, and will encourage further research. It has been difficult for scientists to keep up for the demand of information with the ever increasing popularity of CBD products. Knowing how much CBD to take is one of the most important factors in many peoples health routines.

CBD oil for sleep

How much CBD oil to take to help sleep better

Difficulty sleeping is a common complaint among people today. CBD can help those people fall asleep and stay asleep. Again, how much CBD oil should I take is the first question that pops into many people with sleeping problems minds. Much like seizures, a higher dose is recommended to fall and stay asleep. Those with sleep problems will receive the most desirable results with 80-120 mg of CBD to start. It is advised to take this roughly 1 hour prior to laying down for bed.

CBD can also be taken during the day with less risk of becoming tired. The dosages mentioned above are definitely on the higher side of the spectrum. For issues such as pain or anxiety, 30 mg is a great starting dosage. This can be taken 2-3 times daily. For problems such as arthritis or muscle tension, CBD can also be applied topically. This can be done by starting with a small amount of salve to the affected area. It is then rubbed into the skin and will absorb. This is best when a localized area is effected.

CBD Dosage in summary

Knowing how much CBD oil to take comes down to several factors. Perhaps the most contributing factor is the reason why CBD is being taken. Different dosages have varying effects. Issues such as seizures or sleep require much higher doses. Gauging the correct dosage can be the difference between huge amounts of relief. Another important factor is route of administration. Using CBD sublingually is more effective than only taking it orally. As with any other medication, body weight plays a huge roll as well. CBD is quickly growing in popularity, and for a good reason. The more scientific and anecdotal evidence we gather will help solidify just how and why this compound works its wonders. The future for CBD is looking bright, and the relief it is bringing people is truly incredible. Dosage varies from person to person, so play around with it and see what works best. Whatever brings the most relief is the dosage to go with.