Extra Strength CBD Tinctures

Extra Strength CBD Dosage Guide

Choosing the correct dosage is very important when using CBD and some find an extra-strength CBD tincture the best fit for their needs. Recent studies have indicated that it is safe to take a dose of 1,500mg of CBD each day. We are not suggesting to start off with a dosage this high. One of the questions we are frequently asked at our store is ‘Can I take too much CBD?’. The answer to this question is, if you are taking one of our tinctures in 10,000mg or 20,000mg, as recommended on the bottle, you will be taking a safe amount.

Getting started with extra strength CBD products

We advise most of our customers to start out with a lower dosage of CBD oil tincture and to gauge how it works for their specific condition. Anxiety and depression appear, in our experience, to yield good results with a lesser dosage. Pain and arthritis appear to require a higher dosage. This would require only taking a few drops to start. OC Wellness Solutions is happy to answer any questions you have about getting started with a CBD or CBG regimen.

CBD Dosage Chart for Specific Conditions

After taking CBD each day for one month, it will be possible to determine whether you require a higher dosage. We advise starting on a lower dosage for the first week and increasing the dosage by increments. We find that it can take a week or two to experience the true benefits of CBD so we always ask people to stay with it! Don’t expect a miracle immediately.

The great part about buying a stronger tincture is that you have far more control over your dosage. We often have customers come to our store who have tried a 350mg or 500mg tincture (of a different brand) and have not experienced relief. If they are only taking 0.50 of the dropper, of a 30ml bottle, they will only be receiving around 7mg or 8mg on Hemp Oil. The bioavailability of sublingual oil tinctures is around 40%. If you are taking a 500mg bottle of CBD oil tincture you may only receive 4mg of CBD.

This is not going to combat severe pain.

A dosage of 50-100mg would be far more effective. Taking 0.50 of a dropper of Hempstrax 10,000mg Hemp Oil, you would receive a dosage of 168mg. In our experience, this would be far more effective for treating moderate to severe pain.

Calculating your optimal extra strength CBD Oil Dosage

We have created a handy calculator that will assist you in determining a correct dosage.

CBD Tincture Dosage Calculator

We have a range of CBD and CBG oils available in 5,000mg and 10,000mg strengths.

So what exactly is CBD and how does it work?

CBD works to modulate the function of the immune system. It does this through the Endocannabinoid System.

The ECS Contains 3 parts

  • 1) Endocannabinoids
  • 2) Receptors in the Central Nervous System
  • 3) Enzymes that assist in breaking down these Cannabinoids
Cannabinoid receptor locations in human body infographic
Endocannabinoid Sytem Receptors in the Body

The hemp plant contains more than 130 cannabinoids. These cannabinoids act on your ECS (Endocannabinoid System) which works to keep your body in balance. It is responsible for keeping hormones in balance (like serotonin release), signaling the body when it needs rest, sleep or nourishment. It also responsible for immune system response which often triggers inflammation in the body.

We all have a CBD1 and CBD2 receptor. Ideally your body would create enough endocannabinoids to supply these receptors and to keep the body’s essential systems healthy. But, as we get older, our supply of endocannabinoids begins to diminish. Factors such as stress, illness and injury may prevent the production of these essential endocannabinoids.

This is where hemp-derived CBD oil can step in to supply the body and the CBD1 and CBD2 receptors ensuring that our bodies get enough rest, and a chance to repair and nourish the vital systems within the body that rely on the ECS.

It can also be very handy in signaling the immune system that inflammation is unnecessary and unwanted.

Full Spectrum vs Broad Spectrum? Which is the best CBD product for me?

We always suggest using a Full Spectrum CBD tincture. Full Spectrum contains a very small amount of THC (3%) the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. While it is not enough to make you feel 'high' it may be detectable in a drug test. If there is any concern over this we advise using a Broad Spectrum or Isolate tincture which both contain 0% THC and are lab tested.

The reason we advise a Full Spectrum tincture is because of the Entourage Effect. This is the theory that all the compounds in the cannabis sativa genus of plants work together, and when taken together, they produce a better effect than when taken alone.

Cannabinoids and terpenes in CBD are thought to interact with each other as well as the brain’s receptors. This interaction has been labeled the entourage effect. There’s some evidence that the entourage effect makes taking THC and CBD together more effective than either alone.

More research into CBD and its chemical composition is needed before we can know the full extent of its potential medical benefits.

Both Cannabidiol (CBD) and Cannabigerol (CBG) are receiving widespread popularity for their proven ability to fight pain and inflammation and to treat a range of other illnesses. Always consult your physician before discontinuing the use of any medications and before starting new medications. Given the span of clinical trials over the previous years we hope to see more positive results from cannabinoids and ideal dosage in the upcoming year. We will share new developments with our readers as they become available. To view our 1:1 Ratio of CBD/CBG please click here.

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