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Enhance your Holiday with CBD

Holidays; the time of year when we get together with family, exchange gifts, travel, and make memories.  The holidays are brimming with festivities and an endless list of obligations. We all experience a vast range of feelings and emotions that are associated with the holidays.  Some memories are joyous, amusing, and merrymaking. However, with all of the events going on, it’s not hard to let the stress of family, obligations, cold weather, and holiday shopping start to impact your mental and physical state.  Holidays are meant to be a time that are enjoyed with loved ones, not stressing over getting the newest iPhone or perfect gift for a loved one. The goal is to stay present, and live in the moment. That isn’t an easy task when we are bombarded with an endless itinerary. 

 Luckily, one of the many benefits of cannabidol (CBD) is the promotion of relaxation.  What better way to stay in the moment than relaxing with your favorite CBD product?

Here are the top five ways CBD can help you get in the holiday spirit.

1. CBD eases stress and tension.

It only made sense to include this at the top of the list.  We all have that one family member who we love dearly, despite the fact that they know exactly how to get on our nerves.  As many of us know, CBD is an extremely effective way to mellow out and let the anxiety melt away quicker than the snowman you spent an hour building.

With the help of CBD, we are able to enjoy the time with our family, and make positive memories.  After a long day of festivities, there is nothing better than having a cup of tea and getting in a warm bath.  Our Hempstrax bath bombs are perfect for soothing the whole body, and letting the tension melt away. We all deserve this much needed self care, particularly after a long day of being in the holiday spirit.

2. CBD goes great with holiday treats.

We obviously couldn’t leave food out of this!  One of the best parts about this time of year is the great dining that accompanies it.  Whether you’re eating a classic turkey dinner for Thanksgiving, or just enjoying a hot cup of hot chocolate by the fire, CBD can improve the experience. 

A small amount of cinnamon and peppermint are classic ingredients used to enhance the flavor of hot chocolate.  Everyone who has enjoyed our cinnamon or peppermint CBD tinctures agree that they are delicious. The day I decided to add a dropper of cinnamon tincture to my hot chocolate was one to remember.  It was a no brainer to add it to almost anything imaginable. The possibilities are truly endless. 

Sweets obviously can’t be overlooked during this time of year.  We all deserve to treat ourselves, and what better way than with Hempstrax edibles?  During this time, it’s hard to go wrong. You could choose to go with our full spectrum sour gummies, or enjoy a couple of spice drops.  Variety is the spice of life, and Hempstax has no shortage of varieties to choose from.

3. Hempstrax products make the perfect gift.

Sharing is caring, and CBD products are even better when enjoyed with those closest to us.  One of the most difficult decisions during this time of year is what gift to get for our loved ones.  Some people are hard to shop for, and the last thing we need is more stress. Even the most difficult of gift recipients won’t be disappointed with any of the products we offer.  Whether it’s flower, or a great tasting tincture, we have you covered! From stocking stuffers to gifts under the tree, the possibilities are endless. Make your gift be the one that is remembered.

4. Great for aches and pains.

Holidays make us feel warm on the inside, and nothing compares to that favorite chair of yours with a cup of hot chocolate.  However, holidays also come with cold weather. We may enjoy building snowmen, or sledding down your favorite hill, but aches and pains can be worse when it is cold outside.

One of the most popular uses for CBD is for its pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties.  That achy knee, or tense back can really put a damper on your holiday plans. It is always best to be prepared, and CBD offers a wide variety of ways to do this.  One of the most popular ways to alleviate pain is with a topical application of our salve. If you are new to CBD, this is a great administration route to explore first.

5. Overall health benefits.

The body has an intricate network of receptors known as the endocannabinoid system.  This system is composed of different cannabinoid receptors and neurotransmitters, and is found throughout the body.  We all know how important it is to achieve homeostasis, and earth has provided us with a plant to help us achieve this. 

Every year as we wrap up the holidays, and jump in to the next year, we often make commitments to make the upcoming year better than the previous.  Gym memberships are purchased, diet plans are made, and cannabinoids can play a crucial role in achieving these goals. Studies continue to suggest that CBD and other cannabinoids can play a pivotal role in overall health and wellness.  If you are going to make a New Years resolution, don’t forget to implement CBD into the plan!

Of course the list of ways CBD can make the holidays better can go on and on.  The holidays are meant to be a time of joy, but often can bring stress. We explored the ways we can combat this, improve the cuisine of choice, help aches and pains, improve overall health, and make the perfect gift for any occasion.  Make sure to make the most out of your holiday, and use the most trusted brand available.  

Since we at OC Wellness Solutions love to celebrate the holidays, let us give you a gift that keeps on giving.  For a limited time only, use code JOLLY to receive buy one, get one half off on any of our products.  Buy an item for that special someone or family member, and get something for yourself so everyone can enjoy this holiday season.   

Whichever holiday you celebrate, we wish you a very happy holiday, and a healthy and happy New Year!

Jason Jones - Contributor

Jason Jones - Contributor

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