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Discreet CBD and Tincture Uses

CBD is everywhere these days and while most are accepting, sometimes discreet CBD usage is necessary. Most people are accepting of CBD as it contains a less than 0.3% THC. CBD will not get you high. It has become so mainstream that it seems pretty much everyone has heard of it and most people have taken it. Even though it is very socially accepted there are still instances where one might not want people to know about their CBD consumption.

Discreet CBD Usage at Work

For example, at work. While CBD should not affect your ability to do your job it may be frowned upon by a boss or superior.

There are a few options available that are discreet and easy to consume with no one ever knowing you are taking CBD. It can be a great go-to, especially if you work in a stressful environment. CBD has been proven to reduce anxiety in clinical trials.

An OC Wellness CBD tincture is a great way to go as it can be kept in a purse, desk drawer or pocket. CBD tinctures can be added to a beverage or even added to a snack. 

There are a great range of CBD beverages on the market. Most of these do not benefit from discreet packaging so adding them to a drink container or empty water bottle will help to disguise the contents.

CBD gummies are an enjoyable option. 1-2 30mg gummies can help to relief anxiety and in some cases can assist in concentration. CBD gummies come in a variety of strengths and types, including THC free CBD.

CBD mints and lozenges have become very popular as they are discrete and can be enjoyed pretty much anywhere. There are also a number of gums available.

CBD patches are another great alternative, especially if you spend much of your day in front of a computer screen. This can often result in back aches and pains and a CBD can relieve this discreetly.

How to Use my CBD Tincture?

Tinctures are very versatile, and they are often preferred as they have a high bioavailability. We have compiled a list of ways to use your CBD tincture:

  • Sublingually
  • Added to a beverage
  • Applied topically
  • Added to a salad dressing
  • Added to a smoothie
  • Added to a sweet treat like cookies or muffins (after cooking)
  • Added to your morning coffee
  • Added to a beauty or skincare product or applied directly to the face

CBD is an amazingly versatile product that seems to be making its way into an array of foods beverages and skincare products.

Many CBD Tinctures and Distillates can be added to your favorite products without you having to pay the often-excessive prices for products with CBD added. Do some experimenting! A great product to purchase is the Hempstrax 5,000mg Full or Broad Spectrum Tincture. There is 42mg per ΒΌ dropper which is around 12 drops. This makes it easy to gauge how much to add or to take directly.

Sarah Rutherford - Contributor

Sarah Rutherford - Contributor

Sarah has been interested in plant medicine for over 20 years. She draws on her experience working in the health and wellness field and applies it to the CBD industry.