Chamomile & Lavender CBD Tea. Bag of 10 teabags each containing 50mg of CBD. Includes sour space candy CBD flower, chamomile flower, and lavender flower.

CBD Tea – An easy, enjoyable way to incorporate CBD & CBG into your life

We have created a range of CBD & CBG blended teas that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Our Pear Ginger, Golden Turmeric Chai and Moroccan Mint are ideal for a day time cbd tea. With over 50mg of total cannabinoids per teabag you can ensure that your body is receiving a good dosage each and every time you enjoy our unique beverage. Have questions regarding how much CBD to take? Please refer to our CBD Calculator.

It seems that in recent times CBD has appeared everywhere. From the shelves at CVS to the Pet Food aisle, CBD has become a mainstream alternative when it comes to finding stress release, better sleep, and general health benefits.

For those of you who have tried CBD and enjoyed the numerous health benefits it is suggested that you try CBG. In fact, even if you are a newbie to this space we have created a seamless and enjoyable way to make CBD & CBG a part of your daily routine.

We developed a CBD and Chamomile Lavender night time tea to ensure you sleep soundly throughout the night. You will awaken feeling refreshed and energized. We offer a variety of CBD tea to satisfy different needs and tastes preferences.

So enough about our tea – let’s delve into this little known cannabinoid that I am certain you will be seeing everywhere over the upcoming year.

What is CBG? Cannabigerol

CBG Cannabigerol Tea

CBG stands for Cannabigerol, one of 113  cannabinoids found in the hemp and marijuana plant species. CBG typically appears in quite low concentrations in the plant; it appears at around 2% in the hemp species and at around 1% in marijuana.

Let’s make an important distinction here, when we speak about CBG in the plant form we are referring to CBGA. The same goes for CBD > CBDA and THC > THCA. To produce the medicinal effects from the plant it needs to first be ‘heated’ or ‘de-carbed’. This is why people smoke and vape. To convert the THCA into THC. So when we are referring to CBG in its plant form it is really CBGA. Once it has been de-carbed it then becomes true CBG. When we create our tea the flower has been de-carbed for you. So with the addition of hot water, your delicious tea is ready to consume and all of the cannabinoids are readily available to your Endocannabinoid system.

Cannabis growers have been experimenting with cross breeding over the past 5 years to increase the percentage of CBGA present in the plant. Typically a high percentage of CBDA  in a plant would be a variety like Lifter which has a total cannabinoid count of just under 25%.

We are fortunate to have a friend who is an Organic Farmer in Oregon. He switched over his entire grow operation to CBG. The seeds are extremely hard to come by and the smell and appearance of the flower is more akin to traditional marijuana except that CBG is very low in THC. Our Oregon organically grown CBGA has over 16% total cannabinoids of which more than 15% is CBG. Our Certificate of Analysis details exactly all of the cannabinoids present in our CBG flower.

CBG is a very interesting cannabinoid as it is quite predominant in a flowering plant at around the 6-week mark into the 8-week flowering cycle. After the 6-week mark, the enzymes within the plant begin to convert the CBG into CBD, CBC and THC. It is essentially the cannabinoid that is the mother or the matriarch of the plant.

What is CBG used for?

We are just now starting to explore the various applications for CBG. It was very difficult to do this previously as it only appeared in such small amounts in the hemp plant.

Here’s a brief list of applications CBG can be used to help:

  • Analgesic (relieves pain)
  • Antibacterial (slows bacteria growth)
  • Anti-convulsive (reduces seizures and convulsions)
  • Anti-inflammatory (reduces inflammation)
  • Anti-insomnia (aids sleep)
  • Anti-proliferative (inhibits cancer cell growth)
  • Antidepressant (raises mood)
  • Bone stimulant (promotes bone growth)
  • Brain cell stimulant (promotes neuron growth)
  • Appetite stimulant (increases appetite)

Given the list of applications here are some disorders CBG can be used to treat:

  • Chronic pain
  • Depression
  • Osteoporosis
  • Insomnia
  • Huntington’s disease
  • Cancer
  • Methicillin-resistant microbial strains such as MRSA
  • Low appetite (resulting from chemotherapy and other treatments)
  • Bladder dysfunction
  • Psoriasis

The main difference between CBD and CBG is the amazing anti-bacterial properties of CBG. There has also been some limited research that has suggested CBG can help to reduce cancerous tumors. We believe that as with all cannabinoids the entourage effect one receives from consuming the complete plant matter is far more beneficial than just an element of that plant. That’s why we decided to pair CBD and CBG flower together to create a unique cannabinoid experience to help heal the body and mind.

We were understandably excited to try this new cannabinoid and to gauge for ourselves its effects. Here’s what we found. It is definitely a nicer more energetic feeling than just CBD alone. It does increase mental focus and clarity while also giving a pleasant feeling of being completely at ease but alert at the same time.

CBD Tea for better health

CBD Tea and Reading a Book

The other reason we really enjoyed this morning practice is that tea drinking becomes quite ceremonial. It is something to be savored and enjoyed. Something to look forward to. Without a doubt, we will continue with this simple morning ritual that is so much a part of staying healthy and well through these uncertain times.

We found that we could re-use each cbd teabag around 2-3 times. And with over ¼ gram of flower per teabag we are assured to receive our daily dose of CBD.

We do our best to provide you with up to date information on this fascinating and ever-changing industry. We try to provide new and innovative products and we really appreciate feedback.

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