CBD quality - How to choose high quality CBD products

CBD Quality Matters – How to choose high quality CBD products

CBD is an extremely popular health product.  It has become a buzzword, and has gained national attention and been recognized by many doctors.  The Food and Drug Administration has not been able to keep up with the fast growth of this amazing product and the benefits received from it.  Due to this, not a lot of information has been available on things like dosage, CBD quality, and route of administration. Until recently, many people knew CBD works, but didn’t know exactly how.  Thanks to studies and data that have since come forth, this is no longer the case.

What To Look For in CBD Products

When buying CBD products, there are several things to look for when choosing a brand.  One of the most important and scientifically proven ways to tell if what you are getting is the real deal is transparency in third-party lab test results.  These tests display potency and purity. They will also display important information regarding cannabinoid content.

Another important factor in determining quality is by knowing what sort of starting material is being used to create the final product.  Typically, CBD is extracted from the hemp plant where it is further distilled and in some cases isolated. These concentrates are then infused with other products.  The importance of the starting material and especially the hemp that is used makes a world of difference.  All of the flower sold and used to produce other products sold by Hempstrax is always grown organically.  No pesticides or chemical fertilizers are ever used, and therefore do not end up in the final product.  

How CBD Products Are Created

When CBD products are being created, the contents of the starting material will determine the quality of the end product.  During extraction, everything is stripped away from the plant matter. It is imperative to use only organic hemp flower when extraction is being done.  More and more farmers have joined the business.  Most hemp farmers grow quality, organic hemp biomass.  There are some, however, who are just in it for the money.  It is important to know what starting material your CBD products are made from.

The third aspect to look for when purchasing CBD oil is access to information and suggested usage.  It is easy for anyone to put a label on a product, but was it made with the end consumer in mind? The focus on wellness and health is the reason one is taking CBD in the first place.  Make sure your brand has this intent in mind!

CBD is a relatively new sensation, and until recently not much information pertaining to dosage of CBD has been available.  Everyone is different and different responses to different dosages are perfectly normal. It also depends on what the CBD is being used for.  Problems such as seizure or not being able to sleep usually require a heavier dose, sometimes in excess of 100 mg.

Why CBD Quality Matters

Recently, a study was conducted that tested different CBD products.  The article states that roughly 70 % of CBD companies had mislabeled products.  It isn’t easy getting the precise dosage when the strength is not properly revealed.  At OC Wellness Solutions, we pride ourselves in providing properly dosed, and accurately labeled products.  With something as important as health being dealt with, there is no room for error.

One final thing to look for when choosing what CBD brand to choose is how much information does the company have on CBD.  To get the best quality product it is important to get it from a company that knows the ins and outs of CBD and the benefits it can provide.  Many companies that make a wide variety of products have included CBD in their stores, and for the most part that is great.  If you are really looking to receive all of the benefits that CBD has to offer, OC Wellness Solutions is your one stop shop. 

The list of things to look for when looking for quality CBD could go on, however OC Wellness Solutions makes it very user friendly to find the correct product.  With the health of the end consumer always in mind, OC Wellness Solutions offers many options for you and your loved ones to get the benefits of CBD.

Sarah Rutherford - Contributor

Sarah Rutherford - Contributor

Sarah has been interested in plant medicine for over 20 years. She draws on her experience working in the health and wellness field and applies it to the CBD industry.