CBD Dosage For Dogs - Guide to giving CBD to your pets for better health.

CBD Considerations for Cats and Dogs

Commonly pet owners wishing to try CBD will wonder what exactly is the correct CBD dosage for dogs. Cannabidiol, or CBD is extremely common these days.  If you personally haven’t tried it, I’m sure you have a family member or friend who loves it.  Believe it or not, our four legged friends benefit from CBD as well.

Many dogs get anxious, or as they age they may experience pain.  They are part of the family, and deserve the best care! Just like with humans, CBD for dogs covers a multitude of ailments.  Seizures can happen with dogs, and CBD can be used as preventative maintenance, or during the actual episode. CBD can be especially effective in helping pets who suffer from idiopathic epilepsy. No matter what product you choose, you’ll keep your dog happy and healthy.

How much CBD do I give my dog?

When it comes to dosage, it depends on what it is being used for.  The recommended CBD dosage for dogs is that 2-5 mg of CBD is used for every 10 pounds of the dogs weight.  Play around with the dosage, and make sure your pet is enjoying life to the fullest. For seizures in specific, a heavier dosage may be required, and can quickly be delivered with a tincture.  Quality is key, and Hempstrax CBD tinctures for pets are the same CBD oil you would be taking, just without any flavoring.  If you feel like the dog deserves a treat (which they do), many delicious options are available. The great thing about CBD is it can not be overdosed.  Many dogs have remained youthful and playful for much longer thanks to CBD.

Quality of CBD for dogs is important

Always make sure you are getting quality CBD products for both you, and your dogs.  There is a wide variety of ways to ensure your dog is getting the right product, and you can easily integrate other health products when giving CBD to your dog. A well formulated pet CBD product will have MCT oil, high quality CBD, and zero THC. For best results for your pet steer clear of products that are untested or use lower quality oils in them. Ultimately you want the ideal outcome so giving your dog the best possible pet CBD product is the important.

Lanikai Arriaga - Contributor

Lanikai Arriaga - Contributor

Lanikai loves working with customers and helping them on their wellness journey. She is an advocate for healthy living and plant medicine.