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Using CBD for Menopause Symptom Relief

CBD for Menopause and Hormonal Issues

Using CBD for menopause issues is a safe, effective treatment for regulating hormones. The Endocannabinoid System is responsible for regulating many of our body’s functions, such as: Appetite and Digestion Hormone regulation** Inflammation and Pain Receptors Immune responses Liver function...

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Using CBD for Muscle Recovery in your workout

Using CBD for Muscle Recovery and Pain Relief

Does leg day having you feeling down and out? CBD is a great product to use both pre-workout and post-workout. CBD is being used more frequently to help people recover from muscle soreness and for pain relief. It has anti-inflammatory...

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Using CBD for weight loss

CBD for Weight Loss – Will it Help Me?

CBD has numerous health benefits and can be an integral part of a weight loss plan. CBD products can help reduce pain and inflammation from exercise, and even reduce the symptoms of anxiety from starting a weight loss journey. Another...

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CBD for tinnitus symptom relief

Can CBD treat tinnitus symptoms?

There’s yet to be an effective treatment for tinnitus which causes hearing loss in over 50 million people around the world. Consequently, chronic tinnitus sufferers must seek any help available. It might be possible to use CBD to help reduce...

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info on using CBD for Parkinson's Disease

CBD for treating the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease

Being a versatile product, it is possible to use CBD for Parkinson’s Disease symptom relief. Though it may require a higher dose than would be expected. Best CBD products for alleviating Parkinson’s disease symptoms: TINCTURE OILSCBD drops are best taken...

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Hiking in Orange County CA

Orange County Day Trips and Fun Experiences

Orange County is the perfect place for those looking to experience true California adventure. With a combination of vibrant cities, this county offers something for everyone. Boasting world-class dining, shopping, and outdoor adventures, Orange County has something here for all...

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Improving heart health with CBD

Using CBD for Heart Health

CBD can be beneficial for heart health due to its proven anti-inflammatory properties. While it cannot cure conditions it can possibly prevent them from getting worse. CBD may be beneficial in reducing the risk of stroke. A study from 2010...

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Choosing the Right CBD Edible For You

Choosing the Right CBD Edible

Edibles are everywhere and finding the right CBD edible can be challenging with so many choices available. From grocery stores to gas stations to farmers markets there is no shortage of products on the market. But how do you decide...

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Hempstrax CBD Tincture at Work

What to Know the First Time Taking CBD

CBD is an amazing cannabinoid. It’s benefits and minimal side effects make it a great natural choice. We have many customers that come to us, as they have no idea how much to take or what effect it will have...

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CBD Dosage Chart By Bottle and Milliliter

Do I Need To Increase My CBD Dosage?

CBD Dosage inquiries are probably the 2nd question we are asked in our store. The first is – should I take Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum or Isolate. It is a close second on whether they should increase CBD dosage. The...

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