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Hempstrax CBD Holiday Recipes

CBD Holiday Recipes

CBD is a great addition to an array of snacks and foods for your next holiday weekend party or BBQ. Whether you use Full Spectrum

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Hempstrax CBD for hangovers

CBD for Hangovers

CBD can help reduce a hangover. And here’s why: Hangovers are usually caused by two main issues: dehydration and inflammation. Dehydration Alcohol severely dehydrates the

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Hempstrax Flea Gone

Hempstrax Flea Gone

Hempstrax CBD Flea Gone – Natural Flea Spray for Pets  Our furry best friends deserve our best care whether that’s giving them a healthy treat,

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Improving heart health with CBD

Using CBD for Heart Health

CBD can be beneficial for heart health due to its proven anti-inflammatory properties. While it cannot cure conditions it can possibly prevent them from getting

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