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Google Verified Reviews

I came in for the first time and asked the sales person about the CBD water and droplets. She informed me of the product and about its details instead of…
David H.
Owner is very informative and really wants to help when you share your reasoning with him. I appreciate the time he spent talking about wellness and the…
John T.
I love this place !!!!! Fast on shipping ! Amazing selections, fair prices. I come specifically for D8 Disposables or CBD!!!!! Small and cozy lil store! Even has medicated teas and pet treats !!!
AlexJones wasRight!!
I’ve been shopping here for years with wonderful, helpful advice and exemplary products. If we’re traveling & getting low on supply, mailing products is no…
Jan C.
Shout out to OC Wellness solutions. Great prices for effective Medication. Friendly staff and a wonderful overall satisfaction. Keep it up!
Jon L.
Lani Kai (Sp) was so amazing, helpful, extremely knowledgeable and welcoming. She made feel comfortable and answered all my questions, definitely…
Meddy M.
I’ve been a customer for here for over 1 year and love their products and recommend them to anyone who comes here
Marvin D.
Amazing. Where do I begin? Well the staff is extremely helpful, I have learned a lot about the different products even for my pet. The prices for the…
Bryan G.
Been going to this store for more than 2 years already for my CBD needs. Jason and Lanikai has been helpful and answers all my questions whenever I have one.
pett beleno
The 50 mg THC gummies are awesome. Very relaxing
Andrew Conte
I am AMAZED by the product quality at OC Wellness Solutions. I have adult epilepsy, and CBD tinctures have made a huge difference in my wellbeing. The…
Sara T.
First time coming here and Sarah was so welcoming and informative, highly recommend coming here if you want to try cbd at a good price, also they are taking…
Chris A.
Jason (“Jay”) is amazing! I’m a first time customer and had questions re: my online order. Jason reached out personally and went above and beyond to make me happy. I received my order in 2 business days and am impressed with the quality! The CBD/CBN products take my pain/tension away and most importantly, lets me fall asleep with ease by quieting my overactive mind. My partner is enjoying the salves, as well. I appreciate the personal touch with OC and will return. Thanks, Jay!
Kristen N
Love!! Very friendly and will take the time to answer any questions you have. Used for my cat who had cancer and this worked better for her in providing palliative care. Even got some of her spunk back. For me, it helped with several back issues that cause significant pain and spasms. 8 doctors and a few er visits and walked out still in pain EACH TIME. But this Hemptrax? Did somethimg wonderful! I couldnt walk, drive, work just to name a few. After a few days I could move and at do all the above. Combing this along with chiropractic care is what saved me.
Jewel Rogers
We’ve been coming here for 4 years. My wife and I are retired and we use the full spectrum CBD salve for our ailments in our feet and arthritis. We recently started to use the CBD gummies and they really work. We get a full night’s rest after eating 1 gummy. We highly recommend this business to anyone who is looking to find some relief.
Rudy Aranda
i have to share a story , my story and relationship with this company. i am a woman with 2 “chronic pain” issues. i have chronic scoliosis and chronic…
Rhonda Y G.
Speedy delivery along with quality CBD extracts make them a winner. Both the isolate and crumble blend well with terpene isolates & mixtures to create the…
Richard J.
What an awesome place they got,I have been there twice,they got good and top quality CBD products like, flowers, wax, dabs, shrooms, cartridge, disposable…
Eduardo J.
I bought the 1 pack of 2 zkittles and 1 pack of 2 sour tsunami prerolls and was given the lavender and lemongrass and menthol salves and two sour vegan gummies (must try if you love gummies) for free as a sample and just tried the salve 10mins ago and havent felt to loose and limber in years (I’m 23 with really bad back and knee problems) this stuff really works wonders and just for 14 bucks what a steal and what amazing service
I’ve been going here for many years and have enjoyed all the CBD products they offer. I’ve recommend them to many others who also have found the…
Marie M.

OC Wellness Solutions Customer Testimonials