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Came in with no experiences and minimal knowledge about cbd products. Sara happily greeted my wife and I and answered all the questions we’ve had! We ended…
James R.
They always give me goodies every time I goDelta 8 is great qualitySarah helped us out and was very kind
Elisa P.
Awesome place to get your CBD products! Staff is great and helpful as well. I go here every month to get what I need.
R A.
The only place I get my CBD. The best quality I’ve found for extracts. Great customer service as well.
Jeffrey B.
I rubbed the CBD Salve on my neck and immediately felt it work…. I could walk around without pain and was able to fall asleep without aches and pains….. This stuff is awesome! I would recommend it to anyone who has pain. It’s a great natural alternative to relieving pain directly Thank you to Sarah from OC Wellness for telling me about it! I’ll be back for more! 💕
KerriAnn Marie
I came in for the first time and asked the sales person about the CBD water and droplets. She informed me of the product and about its details instead of…
David H.
Wow what an awesome woman of business and marketing,management and promotions…very knowledgeable and personal.
Loren Stassart ll
Ehab Ibrahim
Such a great and knowledgeable place if you’re looking for cbd! They helped me pick a balm that really helped relieve my back pain and was almost miraculous. Can’t recommend them enough!
Alisson Soberon
Clean, well stocked and super friendly staff. Spent a good amount of time answering all my questions and leading me to the best products. Didn’t think to…
Anthony R.
They had exactly the hat I needed in stock and they waited for me to get there to come get my CBD even though they were just about to close. They were very…
Erin S.
First time buyer the employee was very helpful and knowledgeable and patient with all my questions great service
Enrique Rodriguez
what a great place and such goodhelp. they have the best around that I have found. this place helps us sleep good and feel better everyday!
kenneth davis
Lanikai was very pleasant and knowledgeable. She described the products to best fit my needs. Great and quiet atmosphere. Love this place. Will be back again.
Sharlencia Lord
i have to share a story , my story and relationship with this company. i am a woman with 2 “chronic pain” issues. i have chronic scoliosis and chronic…
Rhonda Y G.
I really find the customer service is excellent. The product line has drastically changed my life for the better. If I could afford it I would fund a Franchise expansion…
Mark Krot
These guys are awesome. I was curious about some CBD places while we visited California. I am not positive about flying with CBD so I typically like to buy…
Ricky R.
I stopped by this store because I was in the area, and I’m very happy with there service !!Lanikai (hopefully I spell it right) friendly stuff at the shop…
Mie K.
The people there are fantastic! I have been going there since my health has needed attention and the staff are very well versed in the products and what they can do for me to help. Thank you!
Larry Perez

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