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Owner is very informative and really wants to help when you share your reasoning with him. I appreciate the time he spent talking about wellness and the…
John T.
I just wanted to update this to say, I have now moved to Riverside County and because I trust the product and have had such good interaction with OC…
Stephanie D.
First time coming into this shop, Lanikai was very informative. Also, a very clean shop. Excited to try our first CBD products purchased.
Rue V.
Lola STJ
Shout out to OC Wellness solutions. Great prices for effective Medication. Friendly staff and a wonderful overall satisfaction. Keep it up!
Jon L.
This place helped us save our dogs life or well helped to with their products. He suffers from arthritis in his knees and neck. We took him to vets and the…
Lucas S.
Highly recommended!! Very clean and affordable prices!! The quality of the product is very nice too!! The staff is always friendly and willing to answer any…
Matt C.
This store sells one of the most high quality CBDs for human and pets! Highly recommended!
Bianca R.
First time coming here and Sarah was so welcoming and informative, highly recommend coming here if you want to try cbd at a good price, also they are taking…
Chris A.
We’ve been coming here for a few years for CBD treats for our dog. Found them initially through a Google search but keep coming back because of the quality…
Jennifer R.
Great place. Been coming here for a year
Dave R.
Great customer service the product is great!
Geraldine Cedillo
Great shop and very knowledgeable staff. I love their salves – great for my arthritis and their tinctures. They are also very generous with samples. This…
Cindy S.
If you’re looking for reputable CBD this place is good as it gets it checks every boxFirst of all they have multiple different doses their prices are…
Louis N.
What an awesome place they got,I have been there twice,they got good and top quality CBD products like, flowers, wax, dabs, shrooms, cartridge, disposable…
Eduardo J.
Love!! Very friendly and will take the time to answer any questions you have. Used for my cat who had cancer and this worked better for her in providing palliative care. Even got some of her spunk back. For me, it helped with several back issues that cause significant pain and spasms. 8 doctors and a few er visits and walked out still in pain EACH TIME. But this Hemptrax? Did somethimg wonderful! I couldnt walk, drive, work just to name a few. After a few days I could move and at do all the above. Combing this along with chiropractic care is what saved me.
Jewel Rogers
Sarah was very helpful, she is knowledgeable and has very good recommendations! Super sweet as well! They sometimes offer Buy one, get one 50% off, great…
Terry L.
Making your own crude hemp oil with 10 mg per mill CBD’s: With the expense of purchasing CBD, I moved to purchasing high concentration CBD oil from OC wellness solutions 10,000 mg full spectrum CBD Tincture–BOGO and dilute it in crude hemp oil. This combination result in an “entourage effect” by binding/signaling through receptors that are present throughout the body. I believe that ingesting 50 to 100 mg of CBD in hemp oil relieved my back pain. I had lower back pain (they wanted to fuse my lower discs together) for 9–months, but it has been pain-free for two years this January 2023. The only thing that I can contribute this to is CBD ingestion. One of the two bottles of concentrated CBD added to 1 L of crude hemp resulted in 10 mg per ml CBD, if add both, results in 20 mg per ml CBD-hemp oil. A liter of 10 mg per ml CBD – hemp oil is equal to over 30- 1 ounce (30 ml) bottles for less than $200 – 5 to 7 dollars per 1 ounce bottle. You cannot beat it!!
Joseph Mosca
Listen to the 5 stars, this place does not disappoint. Jason and Lani are AMAZING! They are very informative and really listen on what you need and…
Genevieve Y.
Ehab Ibrahim

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